Let's Go Swimming

$ 10.00


“A lot of DJs take the tapes I make and try to make them into something more ordinary. ‘Let’s Go Swimming’ was supposed to be a futuristic summer record. Some DJs said that nobody would ever, ever play that. I think eventually that kind of thing will be commonplace.” – Arthur Russell interview with David Toop in 1986

“This is an impossible dance music, jumbling your urges, making you want to move in ways not yet invented, confounding your body as it provokes it…..a work of genius” – Simon Reynolds/Melody Maker in 1986

Remastered reissue of Arthur Russell’s most mind-bending (and boggling) psychedelic dance-raga originally released in 1986. The 12″ and CD include all three versions of “Let’s Go Swimming”: Arthur’s own mixes of the Gulf Stream Dub and Puppy Surf Dub + the legendary Coastal Dub mixed with love by Walter Gibbons. Also included is the previously unreleased epic 11-minute keyboard funk version of “Make 1, 2″ (Gem Spa Dub).